Citizens’ Oversight Committee

Pursuant to Section 15278 of the Education Code, the District is obligated to establish an Oversight Committee to satisfy the accountability requirements of Prop 39. The purpose of the Committee is set forth in Prop 39, and the Bylaws are specifically made subject to the applicable provisions of Prop 39 as to the duties and rights of the Committee. The Committee shall be deemed to be subject to the Ralph M. Brown Public Meetings Act of the State of California and shall conduct its meetings in accordance with the provisions thereof. The Committee does not have independent legal capacity from the District.

The Citizens’ Oversight Committee does not make decisions regarding the use of SFID-2 funds, but does inform the public of bond revenue expenditures. Please see the Committee Bylaws for further information regarding the responsibilities of the Committee.

Meetings are held quarterly throughout the year, with the location alternating between sites throughout the SFID. Please see the Meeting Schedule for upcoming meetings.