Project : Scheduled Maintenance Projects

In efforts to increase the efficiency of the campus heating system, the existing boiler in Building 04 H was replaced. The former boiler was outdated and unable to achieve the system demands of the campus and was replaced in fall 2010. The cooling towers were outdated and no longer could meet the demands of the Campus and were replaced in December 2012.

Total project cost $98,000 for boilers.

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Total construction cost for cooling towers $122,000.00

Exist split system for MDF Room in Building H was failing and unable to properly cool space. New system was installed in room to meet demand. Replaced in July 2013. Total construction cost $10,408.00

Exisitng sewerline failed due to age and required replacement. Line was replaced in June 2013. Total construction cost $26, 502.00

Baseball belachers were in need of repair. Many of the structural supports required new welds and removal of rusted elements. Many of the wood planks were damaged by the elements and had to be replaced. Bleachers were repaired in April 2013.